We Don't Talk Much About Challenges Facing Men.

As a man, you are increasingly expected to be “sensitive and in touch” with your feelings while at the same time you are also pressured to "act like a man!"  You are expected to keep many of your feelings hidden, be tough and even unfeeling.  Pop culture pokes fun of “sensitive, emotional” men in a simplistic, cartoonish manner.

These messages are confusing and hurtful--they perpetuate the destructive notion that “men don’t get sad or express sadness, don’t express vulnerability, don’t talk about insecurities, don’t express empathy or gentleness (particularly to or with other men).  These pervasive messages keep you from understanding yourself and others and may ultimately exacerbate problems you have in relationships.

Clear The Way.

There are also obstacles for you finding a good place to explore issues, get support, or understand yourself through psychotherapy.  There simply aren’t enough male therapists for men who would prefer to explore their personal issues with another man. 

Here, You Can Speak Openly.

One of my strong interests—and joys--is supporting men who want to use the power of psychotherapy to heal from past wounds, understand themselves better and improve their relationships with others.  If you are interested in psychotherapy where you can “be understood without spending a lot of time explaining yourself”, then give me a call.  I’d be happy to talk with you about how I can support your journey