Sometimes, you don’t fit in.

You feel out-of-synch with people or feel a sense of different-ness from others.  You may hide your feelings or thoughts so you don’t seem “too different.”

You feel misunderstood.

 You spend too much time having to explain your world view or way of looking at things.  You find that you spend way too much time explaining why you act the way you do or even why you love who you love.

You feel like an outsider.

You’ve been referred to as a black sheep in your family.  Your political views are out of step with people in your family or community.  Your ethnic or racial identity make you feel powerless and devalued. Your sexual identity or gender identity doesn’t conform to everyone else around you.  You’ve had really painful experiences that others just don’t seem to understand or you feel too vulnerable to talk about. 

Psychotherapy to help you reconnect.

No matter who you are or how you identify, psychotherapy can help you feel understood, validated, invigorated and alive.  You can feel grounded and confident in yourself as well as connected with others.  You will uncover and connect with strengths you may not have known existed.  Visit my About page for details.